Windsor is a head-up display that I created for my senior design thesis. The idea was spawned from the frustratingly hard to read street signage in Portland, Oregon. My goal was to build a product that was warm, sophisticated, and user friendly to help people navigate the city. Windsor is designed to be displayed directly on the windshield of a vehicle, so the user can view information such as their speed, the current speed limit, incoming calls, and navigation without having to divert their eyes from the road.

The Brand

The Brand

Windsor was created specifically for use in high-end vehicles. The mark was designed to reflect the minimal elegance of the brand. When scaled to a smaller size, the logo is simplified—leaving only the W and the navigation symbol.


The speedometer in the lower left corner not only displays your current speed, but also shows the current speed limit wherever you are driving.


Windsor will navigate you to any destination by utilizing Google Maps and displaying your next move directly on the windshield so you can always keep your eyes on the road. As you progress on your route, the navigation will update in real time showing you the next step to efficiently get to your selected destination safely.


All incoming calls can be routed directly through Windsor and displayed right in front of you so there is no need to reach for your phone while driving. Simply say "answer" to accept a call or "decline" to send the caller to your voicemail.


Windsor has partnered with Google Maps to make sure you never forget where you parked again. Any time your vehicle is placed in park, your car's location will automatically be pinned and updated in your Google Maps app on your phone.

Site Demo

To create the website, I started off with analog ideations of the layout and then translated that into digital wireframes and mockups using Sketch. From the final mockup, I coded the site from scratch using HTML, CSS, and jQuery.